The Shoals Dragon Boat Festival Rules & Regulations

  1. Waivers: Every team member must submit a Race Management Dragon Boat Festival waiver form before getting onto a boat. Each team member agrees to waive any claims against Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing LLC and Kilby Laboratory school Parent Teacher Organization and the City of Florence Park and Recreation Department that may arise from personal injury or death or damage to personal property caused by participation in Dragon Boat practices or races. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to return signed waiver forms to Kilby Laboratory School PTO prior to Team’s first practice.
  2. Fulfillment of Contract: Race is a rain or shine event; however, should the event be cancelled for any reason except natural acts of God, Kilby PTO will refund only monies received from Team which will release Kilby PTO from any claims or damage from the Team.
  3. Team Sponsorship: Kilby PTO retains all rights to advertising, sponsorship and commercial representation for the event. Kilby PTO is under no obligation to individual Team sponsors, and may refuse any commercial representation. Kilby PTO will not be responsible for any team’s representation of their organization. Organizations responsible for the Team and/or its sponsor(s) shall be limited to: a) clothing such as team uniforms (t-shirts, sweat suits, hats, head bands, athletic bags); b) one team sign to be placed on Team’s personal tent (not to exceed 10×10); c) other items deemed appropriate by Kilby PTO.
  4. Race Conduct: All team members agree to follow the race conduct rules set forth in team captain materials by Kilby PTO and Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing.
  5. Paddlers and Alternates: Teams may race with anyone age 15 and up. Only three (3) alternates are allowed per team. Using additional alternates will cause your team to forfeit. Each co-ed team must race with a minimum of eight (8) women paddlers. Your team will receive a time penalty of three (3) seconds for every female your team is short. The only exception to this rule – leave the seat empty for every female required. The drummer must weigh 160 pounds or less. If 3 or more all female and/or all male teams register, we will do additional awards for them.
  6. Sound Devices: Devices including radios, electronic signaling devices, bullhorns, air horns, whistles, generators with a decibel rating over 65dBA and other noisemaking devices are prohibited. Drummer can only use provided drumsticks and their voices to direct team members.
  7. Right to Likeness: Kilby PTO has the right to use your likeness in any video, newsprint, or other media to promote the race.
  8. Equipment: Team will be provided access to one dragon boat, paddles, life flotation devices and one coach/steersperson for one practice prior to race day and on race day. Teams may use only race equipment provided by management.
  9. Storage: Teams shall take full responsibility for any and all personal belongings and other material left in the team area. Kilby PTO and City of Florence Park and Rec Dept. is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles. Team Space Removal: Team agrees to completely dismantle and remove all tents, tables, material and decorations from their team space. Team also agrees to return space back to the same condition it was received by team by 7 p.m. on day of race.
  10. Alabama Law: This agreement shall be governed by and be construed according to the laws of the State of Alabama.
  11. Attorney’s Fees: Team agrees that if any legal action is taken to enforce any of the above regulations the prevailing party shall be entitled to reimbursement of reasonable attorney’s fees.